Aqua Maris Clean

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Aqua Maris Clean

More sea water for more air

The Story of the Sea

Production process that takes your breath away, but brings it right back

The sea water for Aqua Maris® products is drawn from the 20 meter depth with deepest respect for the Nature and the ecosystem.

More about the production process

The Power of the Sea

We have long known that sea water heals, revitalizes the body and strengthens health. JGL has been improving its beneficial properties through innovative technology for more than 20 years.

The Sea Heals

Our experts have recognized the unique therapeutic power of the Adriatic Sea and transformed it into Aqua Maris® products that have greatly helped start a global health trend.

100 million customers

Clinical trials in Croatia and around the world prove the high quality of Aqua Maris® products, and our greatest confirmation is the support of more than one hundred million loyal customers around the world.