Aqua Maris® Classic provides long-term care for an irritated and dry nose.

Aqua Maris® Classic nasal spray with natural minerals and trace elements gently cleans and nourishes nasal passages and provides long-term care for irritated and dry nose.

nasal spray 30ml


Isotonised seawater

It is used preventively for moisturizing and cleaning the nasal mucosal membranes and helping to prevent the buildup of mucus and impurities in the nose. It can also be used for softening existing impurities to make removal easier, and for the preservation of a healthy mucous membrane in altered microclimatic conditions such as extreme dryness or polluted air, and for abrupt changes in temperature and quality of air (during long journeys or air conditioned environments).

The oligoelements present in the solution ensure a healthy mucous membrane, which results in the optimal ability to breathe normally.

Aqua Maris® Classic is recommended for:

  • People who suffer from a viral cold, flu or from allergic reactions
  • People with an illness of the nasal mucous membrane and those suffering from dry nasal mucous membrane (usually older people)
  • People who live and work in air-conditioned areas and areas with central-heating as well as those who travel frequently
  • People who have been exposed to extended drying of the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs (e.g. smokers, singers, professional drivers, etc.)

Since Aqua Maris® Classic supports physiological condition of the mucous membrane and does not have any systemic effect, it can harmlessly be used by both children and adults, and it is even suitable for use in pregnancy.

Aqua Maris® Classic nasal spray provides an optimal and gentle dispersion which is evenly distributed in the nose and does not cause any inconvenience.

Without preservatives and additives.


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