Nasal Lavage

Nasal Lavage

The Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage rinses the nasal cavity and sinuses, providing a complete thalassotherapeutic effect with a combination of sea salt and Mediterranean herbs. Pure drops of the Adriatic Sea, rich in essential minerals, moisturize and protect the mucous from allergens, viruses and bacteria.


The Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage offers a high-quality, organic salt, enriched with essential oils of immortelle and myrtle, which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, soften mucus, with a favourable effect on respiratory organs.

Aqua Maris cleansing pot

Our anatomic cleansing pot enables a straightforward, comfortable and effective irrigation of the nasal cavities. Its  capacity is 320 ml, which is necessary for cleaning both nasal passages. Another great advantage is its free gravity flow, which ensures gentle rinsing without a risk of otitis. You can control the flow, which makes it suitable even for the most sensitive noses.
Even children (age 6 and older) can use it with the initial help of their parents!

Normal breathing depends on the nasal mucosa. Colds, allergies, sinus problems, spending time in air-conditioned rooms, as well as a number of other situations can stimulate increased nasal secretions and cause the nasal mucosa to swell or dry out. In such situations, it is impossible to breathe normally. Laboured breathing is a problem for both children and adults, disrupting their everyday activities.

Both the sea and the unique vegetation of the Mediterranean have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. By using this product, which is based on seawater and Mediterranean plants such as myrtle and immortelle, it is possible to achieve the same natural effect as if one lived by sea year-round. People who live by the sea often irrigate their nasal passages with seawater.

The Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage rinses the nasal cavity and sinuses, providing a complete thalassotherapeutic effect with a combination of sea salt and Mediterranean herbs. Pure drops of the Adriatic Sea, rich in essential minerals, moisturize and protect the mucous from allergens, viruses and bacteria. Gentle for everyday use, with no additives or preservatives, it is an indispensable part of a modern and healthy lifestyle.

The Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage is intended for cleaning the nasal passages:

  • for people with acute or chronic rhinitis or sinusitis
  • for people with allergies
  • after a nasal surgical procedure (in accordance with medical advice)
  • as a part of the daily hygiene routine, for athletes and recreationists before physical activity, for people with dry nasal mucosa

In all the above cases, The Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage can alleviate symptoms, reduce inflammation of the nasal mucosa, improve the overall sino-nasal conditions and help you breathe freely again.

For daily hygiene the product should be used once a day, and is most effective in the morning.

Athletes and recreationists are advised to irrigate their nasal passages before engaging in physical activities.
People with dry nasal mucosa, those with allergies or who suffer from sinus problems can repeat the procedure several times a day.

How it works

The prepared sea salt and water solution contains mineral salts, a rich quantity of oligoelements and etheric oils of myrtle and immortelle with a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa. Therefore, it is suitable for performing nasal irrigation. Irrigating both sides of nasal passages washes away excess mucus and irritants, decreases swelling, improves the sense of smell and taste, and makes breathing easier.

Mechanism of action

The solution is instilled in one nostril and allowed to drain out the other.

The breakdown of the nasal mucosa’s protective function appears to play a role in upper respiratory conditions.  Sinus nasal irrigation may enhance the nasal mucosa’s ability to resist the effects of infectious agents, inflammatory mediators and irritants.
It may result in improved function of the nasal mucosa through several reported physiological effects, including the direct cleansing of mucous, the removal of inflammatory mediators, and improved mucociliary function, demonstrated by an increased ciliary beat frequency.

How to use the Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage

The procedure is simple and pleasant!

Pour Aqua Maris® enriched sea salt from the stick into the Aqua Maris cleansing pot, fill pre-boiled tap water at body temperature (approx. 37˚C), shake and flush out the nose in the following way:

It is advisable to perform the irrigation above the sink.

  1. Lean forward, turn your head sideways, pressing the chin onto the chest.
  2. Press the tip of the cleansing pot against the nostril and adjust it so that it closes the nostril.
    Breathe through your mouth.
  3. Begin with flushing – the saline will flush out through the opposite nostril
  4. Blow your nose completely, switching between three positions:
    Lean your head forward into a hanging position, turn it sideways, block the lower nostril and gently blow the air through the upper nostril.
  5. Put your head in a horizontal position, turn your face downwards and blow through the same nostril.
  6. Stand up straight and blow the nostril while in the upright position.
    Repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

After rinsing, people feel energized and fresh, because they breathe with full lungs. Therefore, straighten your back, stand upright, and lift your senses with the Aqua Maris® Nasal Lavage.


Why Adriatic sea salt?

The Adriatic Sea salt contains over 80 essential minerals and oligoelements, including those with positive effects on the human nasal mucous membrane. It contains traces of elements such as sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Together they create a balanced, vitalizing harmony, impossible to recreate anywhere except in the nature’s laboratory.

Why myrtle and immortelle?

Myrtle is considered as a symbol of love, braided in bridal wreaths, while myrtle tea is consumed for beauty and youth. The plant was used in traditional medicine for treatment of chronic diseases of the respiratory system.
It has an antiseptic effect, acting as a disinfectant for bacteria, viruses, fungi, and decreasing mucosa/catarrh secretion. Myrtle fragrance refreshes and lifts the mood. The essential oils of myrtle and immortelle are suitable for use by the most sensitive people.

People of the Croatian islands believe that immortelle accumulates sun heat in its flowers. Essential oils of this plant belong to a group of expensive oils, and its production requires sophisticated skills. It has an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, analgesic and antioxidative effect, decreases swelling of the mucosa and softens secretion. Immortelle fragrance has a positive effect on our emotions, restoring strength to a stressed mind. The value of this oil is perhaps best described by the French name for “immortelle” which means immortality.