Nasal ointment

Aqua Maris® Ointment is designed for care and protection of sensitive nasal skin.

Nasal ointment, 10g


Ointment enriched with d-panthenol and vitamin A and E.

Frequent wiping of the nose and sneezing due to allergies or colds affects the skin of the nose, causing pain and redness. Aqua Maris® Ointment is intended for the treatment and protection of sensitive nasal skin as well as for the regeneration of already damaged skin.

One of the substances necessary for skin regeneration is vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). D-panthenol, often called dexpanthenol, is a provitamin, which, by entering the cell, converts into pantothenic acid, which helps skin regeneration, keeps the skin moist and prevents it from drying out.

Apply a thin layer of the ointment on the irritated part of the nose several times a day.