Privacy Policy

JGL cares about the privacy of your data. With our policy, we try to find the right balance between the advantages of using modern technology for business purposes and the right of the individual to prevent misuse of his or her personal data.

1. Gathering personal data. In order to use some parts of this website, JGL might ask you to enter personal data, such as your name, e-mail address, company name, or telephone number. JGL uses this data to improve your interaction with the website, or participation in campaigns and promotions. By using this website and entering your personal data, you accept the Privacy policy. Furthermore, we can use this personal data for business purposes, e.g. to give you information that could help your business by drawing your attention to certain products, promotions, etc. JGL shall keep this data in a safe environment. We shall try to keep the information about you up to date and shall consider it correct.

2. Gathering information about domains. JGL gathers information about users’ domains as part of the usage analysis of our website. This information is used to improve our offering and does not require any interaction on your part.

3. Giving information to third parties. Where we are convinced that this is in your business interest, we shall share your personal data with our business partners (excluding bank account, credit card numbers and order information) who can then inform you about new products or services that could help your business. Aggregate statistics about sales do not include any personal data that could be used to identify you personally. In cases provided for by the law, we might have to give your personal data to the relevant authority if required by law or for protection of the copyright, property or safety of JGL, the website or its visitors.

4. Use of cookies. The website can use cookies to identify visitors; these are stored on your hard disk. Cookies cannot read data from your hard disk, and you will have the opportunity to either enable or disable the use of cookies. In particular cases, disabling cookies can result in a reduced display of information, or pages may not have their planned functionality.

5. Rights. You have full right to copy of all your personal data kept by us. You also have the right to correct any mistakes in that personal data. JGL reserves the right to change the content of these Rules at any moment without particular notice, therefore you should consult these Rules every time you visit this website.