Аqua Maris® Plus nasal spray, 30 ml


Composition: Isotonised seawater enriched with d-panthenol (provitamin B5)


The combination of the natural healing properties of the seawater and provitamin B5 helps the regeneration of the nasal mucosa and is recommended especially for smokers, but also in other cases of damaged nasal mucosa, e.g., due to frequent application of nasal drugs.

Upon entering the cells, D-panthenol is transformed into pantothenic acid which has beneficial effects on the skin and mucous membranes, while the seawater facilitates the removal of impurities from the nose.

Aqua Maris® Plus nasal spray is recommended:
• for colds, hay fever and allergies
• for damaged or dry mucosa of the nose (in particular for the elderly)
• for people who live and work in air-conditioned or centrally heated spaces and for those who travel extensively
• for people who are exposed to excessive drying of the upper respiratory tract mucosa (smokers, singers, professional drivers, etc.)

Aqua Maris® Plus offers practical and handy application with gentle mist from the advanced pump spray. The product is suitable for everyday use.

Without preservatives and additives.