АQUA MARIS® nasal spray, 50ml & 100 ml


Composition: Isotonised seawater


Thanks to mineral salts and large number of oligoelements, seawater has a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa. This natural effect, which happens during the summer in the vicinity of the sea, can be achieved throughout the year by using processed sea water of high quality.


Normal breathing depends of the state of the nasal mucosa. Accumulation of dust particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses on the nasal mucosa prevents its natural functioning. Colds, allergies, the flu and a number of other conditions cause enhanced secretion, edema of the nasal mucosa and accumulation of nasal discharge, which makes breathing even more difficult.


Aqua Maris® nasal spray eliminates the inhaled dust particles, allergens, viruses, bacteria and impurities, making the clearing of accumulated nasal discharge easier, simultaneously moisturizing and regenerating the nasal mucosa.


Aqua Maris® nasal spray does not change the physiological condition of the nasal mucosa and can be used by children,  pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.


Aqua Maris® nasal sprays (50 ml & 100 ml) use bag-on-valve technology to ensure effective elimination of impurities.

Suitable for everyday use.


Without preservatives and additives.