Аqua Maris® Junior nasal spray, 30 ml


Composition: Isotonised seawater

Aqua Maris® Junior gently unblocks the nasal passages during colds, allergies and flu and nourishes nasal passages. 

The ability to breath normally depends on a healthy nasal mucous membrane. Colds, allergies, flu, nasal surgery and a number of other situations cause increased secretion and swelling of the nasal mucous membranes. In these situations the nasal passage is congested, reducing the ability to breathe easily. Congestion and inability to breath easily is a problem for both children and adults, getting in the way of daily activities. Seawater in Aqua Maris® Junior has a soothing effect on the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Because of its salt contents, Aqua Maris® Junior purified seawater removes excess fluid from the nasal mucous membranes, thereby decreasing its swelling and making breathing easier.

Aqua Maris® Junior is recommended in the following situations:
• Colds
• Allergies
• Flu
• After nasal surgery (in consultation with a physician)

The product can also be used in nasal hygiene maintenance once treatment is completed as well as preventively for moisturizing and cleaning the nasal mucosal membranes and helping to prevent the buildup of mucus and impurities in the nose.

Aqua Maris® Junior offers practical and handy application with gentle mist from the advanced pump spray. The product is suitable for daily use for babies (6 months and above) and children.

Without preservatives and additives.